Friday, December 21, 2007

Val's Turquoise

I found the formula for this glaze in a Clay Times forum archive. I believe it is probably a Val Cushing glaze, but I am not sure. I made a test batch and tested the glaze on a buff stoneware and a darker speckled stoneware from Midsouth Ceramics. I was not crazy about the test on the buff clay, but the darker clay showed promise. The formula is available by clicking the test tile photo.
This mug does a better job showing off the glaze. It is a rich turquoise, but it has a lot of interest. Where it is thick, it is prone to blistering, so take care to finger sand any drips well. Hopefully, you can see this glaze is glossy and smooth. The turquoise color ranges from pale to almost teal in places. Even where the glaze breaks over the rim and handle, the surface remakes silky.


Dharma Designs said...

I LOVE the color!!! So pretty!!!

Shiny Black Shoes said...

ohhh I love that mug! so pretty