Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad, bad blogger! But honestly, this holiday season has kicked my butt! From family issues to a slammed business, I am not sure what day it is or who I am.

One thing that has kept me busy is a custom tea set that I just shipped off the Canada. I love doing custom work. The idea that someone has enough confidence in my work to ask me to create something completely new is an amazing boost. However, while we work on that project, it consumes me. As for this order, Alex was the work horse! He started with the creamer and sugar bowl and when he unveiled the creamer after attaching the handle, I shed a tear it was so beautiful! Seriously.

Getting ready for the holidays always seems to catch me by surprise. It's as if I don't know that Christmas follows Thanksgiving by a mere month. Every year, I wake up around the first of December and think, "OMG! I have 3 weeks left!" To make matters worse, our studio is overwhelmed and we work 7 days a week from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve. No time to do laundry, shop, wrap presents... what?! A Christmas Tree? We need a Christmas tree, too?! *sigh*

I really do love the holidays and every year I say, "Next year I will be better prepared." It never seems to happen. In July I say, "Next month I'll start gearing up for Christmas." But by August I think, "Oooh, the last days of summer... I'd better drink them up!" Then school starts and my world begins spinning way too fast.