Monday, December 31, 2007

Etsy Mud Team Post Holiday Sale!

We can't have an after Christmas Sale because the Etsy Mud Team is a diverse group of potters who are Pagan, Jewish, Christian, Ba'hai, and more. So, we are having a Post Holiday Sale, instead. A lot of shops a participating, but check out ours first!

We planned this sale earlier in the year, but most of us had such great holiday sales, we were left with empty etsy shops. So instead of getting the left behinds, the forgotten, or the sub par, you can find newly listed, fresh from the kiln pottery! Lucky you!

Anyone who buys from a participating shop will be entered into a drawing for more free pottery! You can look over the raffle pieces on the Etsy Mud Team web site.

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Rock on!!!
Looks great.
Thanks for all that you do!