Friday, December 14, 2007

Love is...

I am in love... with my latest glaze formula! I have been mixing and testing new batches of glaze in order to expand the look of our line. The process is loads of fun, if you happen to love meticulously measuring hazardous chemicals with your triple beam scale. Of course, I happen to get all kinds of giddy when the needle on the scale finally settles on the mark!

The process is slow, but I get so excited. Measure, mix in water, a little more water... a little more... and let it rest. Then, mix and run the glaze through a sieve twice. I create a little tool that makes short work of this - I epoxied four cheap bristle brushes together to push the glaze through the sieve - works like a charm and is so much faster than a scraper.

Finally it is time for a test tile. this is the hardest part. I hate to wait for the test tile and want to jump right to trying the glaze on some pieces. However, after ruining some lovely work by jumping the gun, I am trying to maintain some sort of self control.

If the results are pleasing and seem predictable, it is time to try it on a pot of two. And here is the latest love of my life - Xavier's Warm Green Jade revised. It's got a catchy name, doesn't it? I am thinking I need to call it something else for my item descriptions, so if you think of anything better, let me know!

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