Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bamboo Brush Tutorial


Graciela Testa Lynt said...

Thank you for showing us how you do it Lisa!

Hoosier Mama Now said...

I've been wanting to see a demo on this technique. Thanks! Coupla questions....Is the floss you use just regular ol' dental floss? And are you willing to share possible resources for the bamboo and deer hair? Oh, one more, where is the "yellow-tail" deer native to? We only have white tails 'round here! ;)

LaPellaPottery said...

We use regular dental floss - the kind that is lightly waxed.

We grow the bamboo in our yard. This variety is called Arrow Bamboo and is said to the the bamboo used to make the samurai's arrows. I like using the bamboo while it is green because it shrinks as it dries. It might be hard to find a source for freshly cut bamboo.

I ordered this deer tail from a fly tying shop on ebay. They have is dyed in a ton of colors. I have had friends who hunt give us deer tail or pieces of bear hide. Some folks make their brushes from pieces trimmed from their dogs' tails, too.

Marian Williams said...

I have posted about your tutorial on brush making on my blog at http://marianwilliamspottery.blogspot.com.au/
Thanks! Hope that is ok!

Marian Williams said...
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