Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tapas Plate Demonstration

This is a demonstration of our making tapas plates using slabs of clay and a foam cushion. We use this method to make a number of items we sell including olive trays, candle holders, prep bowls, and more.


Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

That was great! When you shoved down into the high density foam, I was totally not expecting it and I jumped. lol! Thanks for sharing your technique!

Graciela Testa Lynt said...


charity elise said...

wow! what a great video! your tutorials are really fantastic. i love this method. Like Natalie, i wasn't expecting the dramatic push into the foam--wow! i also love the way you score and tear the edges. i learn so much from you!

Gary said...

Love your tapas plate demo. I have used your technique recently and have made some really fun plates with lots of texture. Thank you for being so generous and sharing with everyone

Jimena said...

these are great!! I've been wanting to create square plates similar to these, but with a stamp in the middle square.
when you decorate the middle, instead of the edges, do you decorate before the big shove, or after?
from the video I got the impression that you might do it before, but doesn't that damage the image you stamped?
thanks for the great help!
Jimena in Costa RIca

SandyN. said...

Thank you for posting this wonderful video! I saw someone doing this in my studio and was amazed by it. Of course I didn't want to stare or bother her her too much. Love it!