Saturday, September 1, 2007

Clay Collage

I've been playing with layering clay in a way that imitates collage. This is first piece out of the kiln that uses that technique. I love the depth and contrast of this piece. It gives me such a peaceful feeling.

It began months ago with the carving a a cylindrical bamboo stamp. I rolled out a thick coil of clay and let it harden to leather hard, carved in the pattern repeat, and then fired it so I can use it over and over for years.

I also carved the raven stamp using a similar technique, but the raven is carved into the end of the cylinder instead of around it. The raven stamp is my newest stamp and I think it will be a favorite.

So the piece is assembled from two pieces of clay that are rolled and stamp, cut or torn. They are joined then fired. Glaze is carefully applied and the piece is returned to the kiln. I could not decide whether this piece should be a magnet, brooch or pendant, so I will let a buyer decide.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This piece is amazing. Really lovely work.

TrueMirage said...

what an intriguing technique. I've just started collaging bits of my old paintings and love seeing things I've created in new contexts.

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

This lovely. Beautiful work. Also, it is nice that you feature other Etsy artists. Very nice blog!

Cynthia said...

This is very cool! I've been playing around with tiles and mold making recently.