Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Building Teapots

Alex and I have been preparing all month for the Teapot Challenge that the Etsy Mud Team is holding next week. Twenty-three team members are participating in the contest and the competition is stiff.

Teapots are some of the most challenging functional pieces to make. The body of the pot, the spout, and the lid are all usually thrown as separate pieces and then assembled. The handle is usually pulled or extruded and then added. So, you have to have an assemblage of parts that will hopefully works together and you have to slowly dry the pot so that those pieces don't crack and fall back off.

Another difficulty that potters have with teapots, and the reason so few regularly make them, is the dribbling spout. So often, a gorgeous teapot comes out of the kiln and whenever it is poured, a good amount of tea runs down the belly of the pot. It is the potter's bane.

My teapot goes into the kiln tonight, but Alex's is ready and up for sale. The Bamboo Forest Teapot is a somewhat traditional teapot with loads of details that make it something special. To see what makes this teapot special, just check out the listing on Etsy.

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anodyne said...

That teapot looks very... stout and comfortable, which is exactly what I think a teapot should be. :)