Wednesday, May 16, 2007


For a while I've been working on a printing method in order to make affordable reproductions of my nursery art. I have researched giclee, tried professional printers, and even my own inkjet without finding what I want. Finally, I upgraded my own printer to one that uses archival, lightfast inks and started printing on 80 lb watercolor paper that I trim to glide through the printer. Success! I am able to now offer 8x10 reproductions of my nursery art for $13.00 at my etsy store, Into The Fire.

Still, I've been thinking for a while that what I'd really like to do is screen print simplified versions of my nursery art. I am working on the screens now and gathering what I need. I'm hoping that I'll be able to bring to light what I envision. I think that, having never screen printed before, my undertaking might be a little ambitious. Thankfully, my etsy friend The Milkman, who created the shirt to the right, has offered to share his expertise and encouragement with me. I know he does good work because I have bought two shirts from him already! Also encouraging me in this endeavor is Muttsywonder, who you will be hearing more about very soon.

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