Friday, March 9, 2007

Not a good blogger

I started this blog hoping to chronicle the ups and down of the creative process. For some reason, I thought I might be disciplined about writing. For weeks, I have been busily making pendants, dolls, and puppets and slowly listing them in my etsy store, but I have not written a thing. My hope is I can make up for that today.

So I struggled to get the pendants looking like I envisioned. After a few bumps in hte road, I began to get the results I wanted. Then came the issue of photographing them! I do not have the greatest camera, but it has always served me well, so I was shocked when my pictures were so bad! Here is how they looked:
I did a little research and found an fellow etsy member Duet, who sent me a picture of hte light box she built. Basically it is a cardboard box with windows cut in the top and side and covered with tracing paper. Inside, you place a background to photgraph on. I use a piece of watercolor paper that curves through the inside of the box. Now I take my box out into the bright sun and shoot great pictures! Here is the result:

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Amanda said...

that is very impressive. I would love to see this box. The pictures look great as do your pendants.