Friday, March 9, 2007

Make Me Something I Don't Know

The other day, my four year old son, Freeman, asked his dad to "make me something I don't know" which means "surprise me with something new". So Alex and son decided to make a hand puppet out of an old sock. Alex stitched yellow eyes on a long tongue onto a lone black sock. Freeman was excited about the new puppet, but he was frustrated trying to manipulate the sock puppet with his small hands.

The next day, Freeman and I sat down at the sewing machine with a simple goal - to create a sock puppet that his small hands could work. After a few hours and a number of prototypes, the Sockatoomi was born!

The Sockatoomi is created from polar fleece with felt accents stitched on. It is durable, washable, and lovable! Each Sockatoomi is hand crafted with every detail lovingly applied. No two are exactly alike. However, all Sockatoomis are non-smokers and are created in a smoke free home.

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