Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This time of year always leaves me a little overwhelmed. Packing orders, parenting, keeping house, getting ready for the final shows of the year, keeping production high in the studio.... it all gets to be a bit much.

And then there are those items that come out of the kiln that I don't want to let go. Usually I go ahead and list them and hope they go to a good home. But these bowls.... well, I'm not ready to let them go yet.


ceevee said...

I read your blog and truly like your pottery. As an Etsian myself, I didn't realize there was an Etsy Mud team so that was good to know too. Nice to see your stuff.

Mayhem said...

These are beautiful! Great work. While I did well on some aspects, I never could throw on a wheel, so I failed pottery class in college. HA!

Cynthia said...

Keep them! I regret not keeping more of my work for future posterity.

Shalana Frisby said...

These are really gorgeous. I love the curved edges and color! You should just keep them and make more for others :)

kim* said...

they are like little acorns

allison said...

I saw these bowls on facebook and they are unbelievably beautiful. Clone them!

Cherish's Country Store said...

I was given your name by Judi Tavill. I would like to e-mail you personally, but I am unable to find an e-mail address for you.
If you could e-mail me at cherish@cherishscountrystore.com I would sure appreciate it.

Cherish's Country Store said...

I was given your name by Judi Tavill and would like to send you a personal e-mail but could not vind your e-mail adress. Please e-mail me at cherish@cherishscountrystore.com