Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Sweet Gift

Yesterday, we received the sweetest gift from another talented potter! I was having a bluesy day and moping around when we got an email saying to look on our front porch. I ran to the door and there was a box from Judy B Freeman. Inside was this beauty:

Isn't is lovely? Monarchs are my favorite butterflies. Each butterfly represents a member of our family. It is so touching that Judy B Freeman put so much thought into this gift! We have been blessed by such wonderful friends on Etsy and through the Etsy Mud Team.


tmusichans said...

What a sweet gift! Definitely a wonderful keepsake for your family!
Todd in Santa Fe

debbabcock said...

That was so nice of Judy. I'm sure it made up for your crummy day. - Deb in Steamboat Springs