Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Spring in Tennessee!

After a few false starts and a disappointing winter, spring has finally arrived in the Appalachians. Up on the mountains, there is still cold and frost, but down in our valley the cherry trees and daffodils are in full bloom. The candytuft has made a white carpet along my front walk and the birds are dripping off the bird feeders.

What does spring mean to a potter? It can bring about an over whelming urge to create pots that don't get made any other time of year. My kiln is being visited by things like bird feeders and slug traps. Yes, that's right - slug traps. Even the occasional toad house finds its way to our kiln in spring.

I never do too many of these types of pots. The lull between the holidays and summer shows passes quickly. The orders for plates, bowls, serving pieces, and cups will soon take back over but while my yard is filled with the first music and movements of spring, we'll enjoy the small signs of spring that visit our kiln.


littlebird said...

What a beautiful wee bird house!
The first few signs of spring are begining to show here in Scotland too. The blossom trees are just about ready to bloom, it's such a joy to see them.

T said...

This is such a lovely description of how the seasons can influence you as an artist. That bird house is wonderful and I hope you'll share some of your Spring creations - I'd love to see!

Cynthia said...

The bird house is fantastic! I think you're slightly ahead of us weather wise, but I can tell you seeing the crocus and daffodils is lifting my spirits and the fog is starting to lift!