Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I like big coffee mugs. This one pictured is not one of those, though. It is a dainty little 8 ounce mug, but I love it anyway. While I prefer a mug about double this size, I'll take any mug that has a glaze this gorgeous!

So much of a potter's life is determined by serendipity. I know in theory what should happen if I fire this glaze at a certain speed or make it hover at a certain temperature, but until the lid of the kiln opens I am at the mercy of the kiln gods.

This little mug's glaze is serendipitous perfection! The glaze formed microcrystals as the kiln slowly cooled and they really make the piece for me. They are like frost trapped within a glassy olive green. I just want to run my hands over the mug - it begs to be touched! This pleasure, the joy of a piece wanting to be held, is what makes me return to the wheel day after day.


High Desert Diva said...

Very nice finish.

I'm with you though...I want a BIG mug.

Christopher And Tia said...

oh wow. thats GORGEOUS.

I can't drink much at a time, but I still like to put my tea in really big oversized mugs so it feels like I'm drinking a whole lot :)

xx Tia

capitolagirl said...

Very pretty!