Friday, March 14, 2008

Twice the Work

So I got my studio space painted in a nice yellow, but once I stepped back to admire the wall, I decided it was hideous. So I broke out the paint chips and started digging. I wanted something bright and clean, but I didn't want anything too pastel. I chose the two colors pictured here. I am a long way from finished - the space is about 800 square feet. The green is painted on a huge column that comes down in the center of the space and divides it in two. I think my hot water heater ties in nicely with the decorating scheme - don't you? My first classes here begin in two weeks, so I have to get tables set up, painting to a stopping point, and everything in its place... and quickly!

We haven't had loads of time for new work, but we've been turning out a bunch of prototypes for stemless wine goblets. I'm hoping to settle on a design I just love. Also in the works are some espresso cups and saucer sets, a whole slew of mugs, and a lot of small bowls with a few big ones thrown in. I have returned for the first time in ages to making pitchers and have been surprised at how easy they are. I did an entire semester of pitchers in school once, and my hands seem to remember the dance well.


jewelstreet said...

I love the color scheme. You know you could build a little box around the water heater to hide it. Plus, it would help insulate it to save on power consumption.

Wish I was attending your class. Your work is amazing.

benstark said...

Paint looks great! But, my favorite is the Budweiser can in the background :)

allison said...

You never cease to amaze me. And I love the paint colors you chose.