Friday, February 1, 2013

Coming Soon!

Recently, as we worked on one skully cup after another, an image popped into my head. 
The image was not a piece of pottery, but a tool.

I grabbed Alex, gave him an idea of what I needed, and he went to work. The man is a great woodworker, too! Within an hour, he had a prototype tool made. The first one needed some tweaking, but after a couple of tries, we ended up with a tool - a wooden press mold of sorts - that helped us create the first trays for our skully cups. 

I love the pillowy nature of the trays! 
We scaled the tool up to make trays for lowballs and highballs, too. 
These will all be sold for the first time beginning February 10, at 7pm, on

These all came to be as a result of that meditative way of working that we've been talking about. While my hands went through the repetitive task of throwing cups, my mind was free to both wander and wonder, stumbling over the answer to the question of trays.


Crew Istaboa said...

Just bought 6 of these. Very cool!
You'll ship to Memphis, but they're to be used on our boat as we travel the Caribbean.
May want more for loft in Memphis.
Look forward to receiving them.
Nice work.

LaPellaPottery said...

Thanks so much!

Stacy Cullin said...

Hi there, my husband is obsessed with your skull high ball glasses but Fab sold out of them and they aren't on can I order these?

LaPellaPottery said...

Hi Stacy,

We may have a pair or so after all is said and done. I have to wait until the end of the sale and make sure all arrive before I release any extras.

We will be making more, as well, if you can wait a few weeks. I can always create a made-to-order listing on Etsy for you. Our turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.


Stacy Cullin said...

perfect thanks! If you wouldn't mind letting me know when you are ready to take an order, I'd appreciate it! Don't need them til June...

Lenore62 said...

*o* i love your skulls cups!!
they are funny and cute!!^^