Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flasks and More Flasks

For the past couple of weeks, we've been working on stoneware flasks. Alex made a few for Christmas and we fell in love with the form and flasks began to fill our shelves.

Bone and Iron Red Flask

The flasks are hand built with thrown tops. They are larger sized flasks - more for coat pockets than pants pockets, but Alex can fit one in the back pocket of his baggy jeans.

Butternut Flask

I like leaving the seams showing. It gives the flask a more touchable presence. Plus, I love rustic pottery.

Teal Flask

Most of the flasks are made from slabs cut with a wiggle wire, but this one was made with paddled slabs. We make our own clay paddles, which you can see here.

Cobalt Blue Flask

We fire the flasks on wads even though we are working in ∆6 oxidation. I like the look of the glazed bottoms and we can be sure they won't scratch your table top.

Wave Flask in Deep Lagoon

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