Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pen Cushions

I started off the day thinking about Ikebana in a pillow form. I wanted the form to be multi-functional so folks could decide whether to use them for flowers, pens, toothbrushes, or paint brushes.

Once I finished a couple of forms, I realized there was no way to get a pin frog into them. Duh! I did manage to put little divots in the inside, but there is no way to know how they will work for flowers until they are glazed and fired.

So, in my mind I went from ikebana to pen-kebana. Yeah, the term leaves a lot to be desired. As I worked on different shapes, they became more pillow-like and hence, pen cushions they are! This last one really illustrates my love of puns.

When the tufting didn't meet on the bottom, I created a seam. Hopefully I didn't take the pun too far!


Christine--RHP said...

totally cute!! There used to be someone here in Sedona who made those little pillows--they called them pansy pillows and sold TONS of them!! If you try them with a bunches of little pansies they will look adorable!!

Mystic Silks said...

I Love your pen cushions!!

Who knows what other interesting creations reside inside your brilliant mind?--:)

Anonymous said...

Love it and it really looks like a pillow. Ok how did you do the tufting? in the pillow did you use a stamp? Hummmmmm

Morrigae said...

what an interesting idea. i've never seen a pen cushion b4. and they'll make wonderful conversation pieces.


cookingwithgas said...

I have been making these for several years and they work great for flowers and other things.