Sunday, June 15, 2008

Skully Love

We made these skully guys for a craft and music festival last weekend and they sold like mad! Some were back with high powered rare earth magnets and some were given aanraku bails so they could be worn as pendants. We did manage to come home with a few and they are slowly being listed in our Etsy shop.

As for the festival, it was loads of fun. The first person to enter the tent for the day was quite rude and insulting, and frankly my confidence was a bit shaken. However, for the rest of the two day festival there was nothing but sales and praise. I had to massage my cheeks at night because they ached from grinning!


Patrizia said...

That's great! I hope you sell them on Etsy too!

mary jane said...

i LOVE skulls too! I can see why they sold!
good luck with them!
mary jane

High Desert Diva said...

Always wonder why people feel the need to comment negatively. Sorry that was your first experience of the morning...glad the rest of the day had you smiling so much!