Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We've Been Picassoed

Cynthia of Colorado Art Studio, a friend of ours in our blog ring and on the Etsy Mud Team, had a fun blog post this week with a self portrait, Picasso style. She had created it at Mr. Picassohead - a fun web site where you can make your own Picassohead painting. Of course I was distracted by the opportunity to play there! Here are the results - mine looks far more sophisticated than I ever do and Alex's looks a little scary.

Truthfully, the last thing I should be doing this morning is creating portraits with this website. My to do list is continually growing and while I tick off things constantly, it feels like things are getting added faster than I can get them done. I had a very unsuccessful day at the wheel yesterday and tossed more than I kept. I suppose days of experimentation are like that, but it got frustrating quickly. Today I will try again and hopefully work out the kinks.

I played on my new felting machine yesterday. I have nothing worth bragging about to show, but it was fun. I made a new felt doll and clothes to give to our preschool music teacher. She sings a song about getting dressed for winter and her felt board doll was beginning to look a little ragged. It's no wonder my to do list keeps growing when I stay sidetracked with little projects. I suppose it is the curse of the creative mind - I am easily distracted.


Julia Catherine said...

Well your work in your store looks amazing, your talented and you will have more success next time you try. We all have to try new things once in awhile. I really love your picassohead picture. I will have to try that today.. even though i should get to work.

Lanedesigns said...

Wow...your pottery is beautiful!!


Cynthia said...

Thanks for the shout! Your portraits look way more sophisticated than mine - I didn't even see the color function.

I think you're at the wheel a good deal more than I have been. I slacked so much during Winter break, that now I have to really discipline myself. I love the sake set in your etsy mini.