Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The No Ugly Magnets Brigade

I always keep a bunch of magnets on hand and somewhere along the queue. The reason? I hate ugly advertising magnets. Your fridge is something you look at over and over each day - make it a gallery of things you love!

So, I make lots of pretty magnets and when people order mugs and other things from me, I throw in a magnet or two. I do sell some of my magnets, but for the most part, they are freebies I send along with larger orders. Hopefully, I can convert more people to join the No Ugly Magnets Brigade. Can I count on you?


m.Lee said...

Can I add to this the "No weak magnet" clause? Magnets that can't even hold up a card piss me off!

Beautiful magnets!

intothefire said...

Absolutely, mLee! Neomydium magnets only! No slacker magnets!

Melanie said...

I do the same thing - make matching magnets to send along with boxes and trays.

Who can't use a magnet?

Ellen said...

What a great idea! May I steal it?! :)